Every game of roulette is different because of the number of betting options – as well as the fact that it is impossible to determine where the ball will land after it has lost momentum. When it comes to special betting in European roulette, it is important to know about some of the options in order to have sufficient coverage of the board. This will increase one’s odds of winning.

Orphelins or Orphans are numbers that make up the two sections of the wheel outside of the special bets of the Tiers and Voisins. There is a total of eight numbers. The first section is 17, 34, and 6. The second section is 1 20, 14, 31 and 9. A total of 5 chips will be needed to make an orphelins bet. The chips are placed as a straight-up on the number one and then a chip on each of the other numbers, formed as splits based upon their placement on the board.

Players who are making outside bets, commonly known as even money bets are likely going to want to take advantage of the La Partage Rule. This is found in French casinos as well as online when people play with the French games. This is a rule when a ball lands on the single zero, which is the house favorite. It is impossible for someone playing an even money bet to win when the ball lands on single zero, so La Partage takes place. This is where a player earns back half of their original bet. It is similar to taking out insurance in Black Jack.

Those who enjoy playing games of roulette will enjoy playing games online. This allows players to customize their boards, choose from American or European roulette and place a bet as much as £1,000 per spin. The game is affordable for anyone to partake in because the minimum is 10p.This gives players the opportunity to test out the different special betting available and see which ones provide them with the most coverage on the board and provides them with the most luck. Players can choose to partake just in the special betting or make standard inside and outside bets as well. This allows everyone the opportunity to try out new ways to bet.

The game is fast paced and everyone is able to place their own bets. The game starts when the ball starts to roll around the wheel and bets can be placed until the “no more bets” sign appears.

Players can win big on Jackpotjoy and with different game layouts to choose from, it’s fun for everyone no matter what style of roulette they like to play.