There was a wrap this week. There’s a wrap every Monday, but recent ones have been provoking an awful lot of conversation.

Tacoma 5, Sacramento 7 (OAK + 3)
RHP Michael Pineda (2.25) threw six innings and gave up three runs on seven hits (2 HR!), a walk, and eleven Ks. It’s been a while since I’ve had to bust out the designated double-digit Ks italics. I listened to the early innings of the game and gleaned two important notes. One was that Pineda threw some sliders and they STANK. They were trying to be objective about it, but really, everyone knew. The second was that those were the first home runs Pineda had given up since April 17th, according to Mike Curto. RHP Yusmeiro Petit (6.12) gave up a run on a hit in the next inning+, LHP Billy Traber (2.450 scoring that run and three more (one earned) on two home runs. RHP Scott Patterson (3.18) had to get the final out, which was a K.
LF Matt Tuiasosopo (HR, 2 R, 2 RBI, .352) had a home run in the second as one of his two hits. DH Mike Carp (.249) had three walks and SS Chris Woodward (2 R, .227) drew two walks.

Tennessee 6 (CHC + 1), West Tenn 9
In the greater scheme of things, the first game of the Battle for Tennessee Pride went rather well. LHP Mauricio Robles (4.92) gave up five runs on eight hits (HR), a couple of walks, and seven Ks in four and two-thirds innings, which I’ll take as promising in part because the walks didn’t knock him out. After him, RHP Anthony Varvaro (2.65, W) turned in two and a third perfect innings, striking out three. RHP Aaron Jensen (4.66) had a home run and another hit against him, but the good news is that LHP Nick Hill (7.71, S) notched a save, allowing a hit and striking out a pair in the ninth.
CF Brandon Haveman (2 R, RBI, SB, .314) had three singles batting in the ninth spot. With Ackley, it’s like having two leadoff men. Speaking of 2B Dustin Ackley (R, RBI, .254), he had two hits and a walk. 1B Scott Savastano (2B, 2 R, RBI, .319), C Jose Yepez (2B, R, RBI, .340), and SS Carlos Triunfel (RBI, .285) all had two hits in the game.

High Desert 4, Rancho Cucamonga 1 (ANA - 1)
Hey, look, a win. RHP Jake Wild (5.14) gave up a run on three hits, a wild pitch, a hit batter, and three walks against six Ks in six innings of work. RHP Stephen Penney (3.00) walked one and struck out two in the next two innings. RPH Wes Littleton (2.25, S) just settled for two Ks in the ninth to get his first save at the level this season.
RF Johermyn Chavez (HR, 2 RBI, .291) had his fifteenth home run as one of his two hits. Or, alternatively, if you prefer your bases spaced out, you could go with DH Eddy Martinez-Esteve, who had four singles and a walk. LF Jake Shaffer (R, .297) had three singles, C Trevor Coleman (2B, RBI, .208) and 3B Shaver Hansen (2B, .211) both had doubles, with Hansen adding a walk, and 2B Kyle Seager (R, .308) had a single and a walk. The team won in spite of stranding thirteen men and going 0-for-10 with runners in scoring position. Hooray! It was Coleman’s first game in eleven days.

Kane County 7 (OAK 0), Clinton 3
LHP Jonathan Hesketh (4.43, E, L) gave up six runs (four earned) after nine hits, a walk, and four Ks through three and two-thirds innings. RHP Ryan Moorer (3.00) had a run allowed on a hit, a hit batter, and a walk through the next two frames, then RHP Daniel Cooper (5.24) came in for an inning and a third, scoring one of Moorer’s runs after a hit, a walk, and a hit batter against three Ks. RHP John Housey (3.72) was nearly perfect in the last two, hitting one and striking out three.
RF James Jones (R, .214) had a couple of singles, DH Luis Nunez (PO, .350) had a hit anfd a walk, and 3B Vinnie Catricala, (2B, .285), LF Kalian Sams (2B, R, E, .193), and CF Matt cerione (2B, 2 RBI, .242) all had doubles.

Everett 4, Spokane 5 (TEX - 6)
That’s no fun. RHP Yoervis Medina (2.70, L) let three runs score on eight hits, a wild pitch, two walks, and four Ks in five+ innings. RHP Chris Kessinger (7.50) let two more runs plate on a hit, a hit batter, and a walk in the next two innings, against two strikeouts. RHP Ogui Diaz (11.81) walked a pair in the eighth.
RF Kevin Rivers (.395) had two singles. That’s all. Except Rivers was also NWL Hitter of the Week. Good on him.

Pulaski 7, Princeton 3 (TB - 3)
The Princeton and Pulaski logos are alarmingly similar. I miss the Devil Rays. RHP Jesse Nava (6.48) gave up two runs on four hits, a wild pitch, a hit batter, a walk, and four Ks in five and a third innings. RHP Timothy Boyce (1.93, BS, W) gave up a run on three hits, scoring one of Nava’s runs along the way, and struck out two. He ended up with the win anyway. RHP Matthew Bischoff (0.00) walked a batter and struck out two in the final two frames.
RF James Wood (2B, R, RBI, .545) had three hits in the game. Take that, Morla? LF Jorge Agudelo (2 R, CS, .308) had a single and a walk and 1B Ethan Paquette (2B, 2 RBI, CS, .261) doubled.

VSL Pirates 9, Aguirre Mariners 5
RHP Jose Flores (3.16, L) gave up six runs on five hits, a wild pitch, and three walks against two Ks in four and a third innings. RHP Maikel Ynfantes (4.24) scored three of Flores’ runs and two of his own after six hits, a walk, and two Ks. One more reason to look at the whole box score. RHP Ricardo Pereira (2.51) let one last run score after two hits (HR) and a K in the last two innings.
3B Felipe Burin (.343) was at it again after a few off days, going 2-for-3 with two walks. No one else even reached three times, but you had CF Jesus Ugueto (2B, RBI, A, .338), 1B Ivan Ramirez (R, RBI, .357), LF Kenny Hart (2B, R, .308), and RF Alexy Palma (R, .284) all reaching twice. Everyone with the exception of Palma had two hits, but I’d almost prefer that Palma draw two walks anyway. DH Miguel Brito (2B, 3 RBI, .258) doubled.

DSL Cardinals 1, Yamasa Mariners 2
I’d say the better team lost. The opposing starter let two runs score on four hits (HR), a hit batter, and two walks while striking out eleven, and pitched a complete game. By comparison, LHP Leonel Cortoreal (4.85) gave up a run on a hit, a plunk batter, and four walks against two Ks in four innings of work, and then LHP Leoncio Munoz (3.46, W) allowed three hits, walked one, and struck out three in the last five innings. All good, but really not on the level of what Matias was doing in the other half of the inning.
RF Efrain Nunez (HR, CS, .164) hit his third home run and walked. CF Janelfry Zorilla (2B, R, .232) added two hits, including his fourth double, and 2B George Soto (3B, RBI, .221) had his third triple.

DSL Cardinals 7, Yamasa Mariners 8
Heeeey…. Doubleheader. I’m pretty sure that this is either an outright lie or a completion of an earlier game, but the second game had LHP Leonel Cortoreal (10.80) pulling double duty, with another inning+ of work starting out and six runs scoring on two hits (HR), five wild pitches, a balk, and five walks. On the other hand, if a guy was starting out both sides of a doubleheader, that looks like a line he’d have. LHP Martin Abad (0.95) had two hits, a walk, and five Ks in the next five innings before RHP Yunior de Jesus (1.37, W) came in for three frames, letting a run score on two hits, two walks, and three Ks.
C Miguel Sanchez (HR, .267) hit his first home run. That’s good. The rest of the offense was pretty solid too, as you had a hit and three walks from DH Janelfry Zorilla (3 R, 2 SB, .224), a double and two walks from 1B Westlonder Marcelino (2B, 2 R, .286), and 2B George Soto (2 R, 3 RBI, .224) had a single and a walk.

Tuesday’s Games:
Tacoma: LHP Ryan Feierabend?, at Sacramento, @ 11:35 am PDT
West Tenn: RHP Jarrett Grube (vs. AB-D), in Jackson, @ 5:05 pm PDT
High Desert: RHP Andrew Carraway?, at Rancho Cucamonga, @ 7:05 pm PDT
Clinton: RHP Taylor Stanton, in Clinton, @ 5:05 pm PDT
Everett: LHP Anthony Fernandez, at Spokane, @ 6:30 pm PDT
Pulaski: RHP George Mieses, at Princeton, @ 4:00 pm PDT
Peoria: TBA, in Peoria, @ 7:00 pm PDT
Aguirre: TBA, in Aguirre
Yamasa: TBA, at Athletics

Organization Record:
Tacoma Rainiers: 40-38, .513, T-1st in PCL Pacific Northern
West Tenn Diamond Jaxx: 3-4 (42-34), .429 (.547), 2.5 GB in SL North
High Desert Mavericks: 3-2 (40-35), .600 (.533), T-1st in CAL South
Clinton Lumberkings: 2-2 (39-34), .500 (.534), 1.5 GB in MWL Western
Everett Aquasox: 8-3, .727, 1st in NWL West
Pulaski Mariners: 5-2, .714, 1 GB in APL East
Peoria Mariners: 3-5, .500, 0.5 GB in AZL West
Aguirre Mariners: 22-13, .629, T-1st in VSL
Yamasa Mariners: 14-12, .538, T-1st in DSL Santo Domingo North
Overall Record: 212-173 .551